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whr_08_div5625_copy.jpgI have been particularly inspired by the works of homeopathy in bringing myself to good health. Good health is important so that we can have full opportunity to direct our lives in the way we feel most fulfilling.

This is, after all, that which is the very purpose of homeopathy. Its founder, the german physician Samuel Hahnemann, stated: "In the healthy condition of man ... our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purpose of our existence." (Organon, aphorism IX) It seems to me that Hahnemann wanted to be of service to progressing mankind, and not just to alleviate suffering or "do good".

Here in this page I would like to share some inspiration on the existence and attitude towards this life-transforming system of medicine, from answers given over the years by Sri Chinmoy. Photographs are by myself.

Most texts are extracted from Sri Chinmoy Library.

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Question: What is the best way to unite prayer and meditation with the study and use of homeopathic medicine?

Sri Chinmoy: Homeopathic medicine is more subtle than ordinary medicine. The subtler the reality, the stronger its capacity. Pure spirituality is subtler than the subtlest, and its power is beyond measure.

Homeopathic medicine should try to become one with the inner medicine, which is oneness with the Will of the Supreme. When the homeopath gives medicine to a patient, he should first pray and meditate. Then he should feel that he is offering the result of his prayer and meditation in the form of homeopathic medicine. He has prayed and has meditated, and he has got some spiritual essence and substance from his prayer and meditation. Then, on the human level he is giving this in the form of homeopathic medicine.

Some of the Indian homeopaths have done this and have been successful to a great extent. A friend of mine was of that type. He used to pray and meditate and then the reality that he received from his meditation he used to give in the form of homeopathic medicine.

Sri Chinmoy, Service-Heroes, Agni Press, 1978.

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from the book Only Gratitude-Tears, by Sri Chinmoy:

dsc_5594_001.jpgSri Aurobindo once made a comparison between allopathy and homeopathy. He said that homeopathy is far better because it deals with nerves and it can enter into the subtle nerves. Everything is in the subtle nerves.

I am not an expert either in homeopathy or in allopathy. When my homeopathic doctors cure patientes, I say "Excellent, excellent!". But sometimes they do not cure. I care for the results.

I believe in homeopathy more than allopathy, but the homeopathic doctors have to know their field thoroughly. Otherwise, just to study a few books is not enough. A good homeopath needs lifelong experience. My mentor was one of those. He gave me a list of eight different homeopathic medicines and said, "Learn their names and their properties by heart. You do not have to go through hundreds of medicines. Eight if you can learn, it will be enough for you." He gave me the list, and I learnt it. At that time I knew about forty or fifty remedies by heart. Now perhaps I know only ten.

In the Ashram, homeopaths gave better results than allopaths. The allopathic doctors were all very great doctors. They received their degrees from abroad. But our Ashram homeopaths achieved better results.

No matter which type of medicine you prefer, if you have faith, then so much the better. Faith will cure you, whether doctors give you the correct medicine or not. But I have to say that the little homeopathic pills can create miracles. Everything is inside us. If homeopathy can penetrate and go deep within to cure, then it touches the root.

The funny thing is that, if you take homeopathic pills and they aggravate your problem, so much the better! You take the medicine and, if your condiciont becomes temporarily worse, then the medicine is working. It is hard to believe, but so often it is true. First your health takes a wrong direction. Then you are cured. It has happened many, many times. If the result is worse, then you are getting better. That is very hard to understand.

Rex Hotel
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
15 January 2002



O medical science, O Homeopathy, O life-serving science, O life-saving science, I do not know you. But I do know well my most esteemed Homeopath friend, Bhumanandaji. His eagerness to serve God in mankind through you, Homeopathy, has always been a source of divine inspiration to me. Since your fond son, Bhumananda, is really good and kind to mankind, you must be most kind and most fulfilling. So, in you I see Reality's Smile and Divinity's Pride.

Sri Chinmoy, God's Orchestra, Agni Press, 1973.

The Homeopathic Remedy

Last night during my 20-mile training run, I tried some homeopathic medicine. As soon as I take that medicine, my mind gets clear. Then, in my nose, eyes, ears and down to my neck, I feel a flowing sensation. But below the neck-to my legs, chest, heart, stomach, thighs, knees-the medicine does not reach. Each time I take it, almost instantly I feel that my head has become light. But unfortunately my head is not carrying my whole body. My chest, legs, heart-absolutely nothing below my neck works better when I take that medicine. For me, nothing works.

Perhaps if I had taken this homeopathic remedy at around ten miles it would have helped me. When I took it at 16 miles, it was too late. It is a cream. At that point a cream will not take away my fatigue quickly.

-9 January 1983
Sri Chinmoy, Run And Become, Become And Run, Part 13, Agni Press, 1983.

... The mind will keep the essence of all the bad qualities that it had; this is its punishment or karma. The essence of these bad qualities is like a very powerful dose of homeopathic medicine; it has tremendous potency. You will take two pellets of homeopathic medicine and in a second your boil will burst! Can you believe this potency! ...

Homeopatia Pura

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