Dumbstruck with silence and beauty

My longings make me poor and weak,
  They hear not my secret Will.
Ever they hate my quest supreme,
  Away they take my thrill.

A day shall come, I know it well,
  When all desires of mine
Will seek Thy Grace and Thee alone.
  I then in Thee shall shine.

I will be above the fruits of deeds.
  Thy blue Compassion-Eye
Will guide my heart and soul, my all.
  In Thee my past shall die.

Sri Chinmoy
My First Friendship with the Muse

Today I was reading aphorisms from the Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees series, which I consider personally Sri Chinmoy's magnum opus. Usually I read fifty of them (it only takes about five minutes) before picking up another book.

Today I ran through one hundred and fifty without a pause and was dumbstruck with silence and beauty:

Everybody’s life-possession
Shall end in
Infinity’s Nothingness.

To me, a self-giving
And self-effacing thought
Is, indeed, a perfect prayer.

God has given me
Two sleeplessly God-dreaming eyes,
And I have given Him
My gratitude-heart-tears
In return.

To feel God’s Love,
Always keep
A simplicity-life,
A purity-heart
A sincerity-mind.

Not my capacity,
But my Lord’s
Unconditional Compassion
Has enabled me to have
An illumination-mind,

When I give my Lord
All my weaknesses,
He tells me that
He wants to claim them
As His own
Before He strengthens them.

May my aspiration-heart-bell
Ring every morning
And every evening
Like a temple bell.

And to finish it off:

I smile to make
Thee smile.
I weep to make
Thee weep.
All deeds of mine invoke
Thy nameless, sun-vast sweep.

Sri Chinmoy
My First Friendship with the Muse