The Fourth of July

Fourth of July "America's Independence Day Is God the dreaming Child's Very special Rainbow-Birthday-Smile." Sri Chinmoy, Gratitude-Flower-Hearts, Agni Press, 1993 I was inspired to compile a small list of inspirational material regarding the celebration of today's July 4th. I feel that America's independence is relevant and precious to the whole world. I am from Brazil. When the time came for our country’s independence, we were inspired by the courage of the Americans during their fight for independence. Also, our constitution and other declarations for the establishment of a new country were based on the US Declaration of Independence, the First Constitution etc. Likewise it was for many, many countries liberated in the Americas and elsewhere. Here below are a few selections where Sri Chinmoy speaks, in addition to the outer meanings, also on the (hidden), inner meanings on America’s independence, and on America as a new nation. My favorite, available as audiobook and paperback "America the Beautiful" Sri Chinmoy's play "The Sacred Fire" Bicentennial Flames at the United Nations book Sri Chinmoy sings "America the Beautiful" (look for track 38) "America" songs and poems (the ones with a blue "s" have the sheet music in them)